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In Gračanica and Surroundings

Hotel Gracanica, Pristina / Prishtina: monastery
Gracanica monastery

Gračanica monastery (800 m): An outstanding example of Serbian medieval architecture and a UNESCO World Heritage Site


Hotel Gracanica, Pristina / Prishtina: Roman archeological site of Ulpiana
Mosaic discovered in 2014

Ulpiana (1.4 km): Ancient Roman town, once one of the biggest in the Balkans, destroyed by Slav invaders in the 6th century. Archaeological excavations are taking place every summer

Hotel Gracanica, Pristina / Prishtina: good starting point for joggers
The hills above Gracanica and Ulpiana

Trails: Explore the surroundings on foot or mountain bike (for rent at the hotel), good for jogging too

Farmers market (700 m): Farmers from Gračanica and surrounding villages sell their products like fresh cheese, ajvar, fruits and vegetables, home made wine, raki etc. Monday through Saturday

Cultural Center Gracanica (420 m): Exhibitions, concerts and film screenings

Hotel Gracanica, Pristina / Prishtina: Veletin

Veletin (7 km): The extinct volcano above Gračanica, former site of a Roman fire telegraph, offers the best view of the Kosovo plain and the mountains surrounding it.


Hotel Gracanica, Pristina / Prishtina
Kishnica mine

Kishnica (3 km): The derelict mine offers fascinating sights


Hotel Gracanica, Pristina / Prishtina: lake of Badovc

Lake of Badovc (5 km): The artificial lake is a favourite of locals for swimming, picnicking and fishing

Prishtina Golf, Laplje Selo (6 km): Beautiful miniature golf course where the World Adventure Golf Masters took place in 2016

Agim Cavdarbasha Museum, Caglavica (7 km): Museum dedicated to the most famous Kosovar sculptor (temporarily closed, sculptures can be seen only through the fence)

Hotel Gracanica, Pristina / Prishtina
Janjevo seen from Shashkovc

Janjevo (9 km): Old mining town with previously Croat majority, beautiful half-timbered houses

Bear Sanctuary

Bear Sanctuary (13 km): The 15 ha park is now home to 15 bears previously held in cages at restaurants and private zoos

Atelier of Bajram and Farija Mehmeti, Lepina (13 km): Roma painters whose works were exhibited at the National Art Gallery in Pristina, in Vienna and Berne - and at the hotel (s. also "Art of change in post-war Kosovo")

"Car Market" (11 km), actually a huge open air market where everything from live animals to furniture, plants to second hand shoes is sold. Every Sunday morning next to the ETC supermarket on the road Pristina-Fushe Kosove

Tomb of Sultan Murat, Mazgit (16km): On the spot where the sultan was killed in the battle of Kosovo, with a magnifient 400 years old muleberry tree and an interesting museum

Gadime Cave, Gadime (21 km):

The cave, 1260 m long, features stalagmites and stalaktites in various shapes. 440 m are open to the public.

Hotel Gracanica, Pristina / Prishtina
Novo Brdo castle

Novo Brdo (29 km): In the Middle Ages one of the biggest mining towns in Europe, famous for its silver and gold mines, abandoned since the 17th century. Ruins of the castle, parts of the city walls and two churches in an impressive scenery. Possibility to rent mountain bikes

Te Xhema, Bunjak, Novo Brdo (32 km): Tree guesthouse, a gesamtkunstwerk not to miss, with wonderful hosts, traditional food (preorder: 044 729 997) and a phantastic view

In Pristina / Prishtina (8 km)

Cathedral in Pristina / Prishtina
Inside the cathedral

Catholic cathedral: The clock tower, accessible by elevator from 10am to 12am (except Sundays) and from 4 pm to 6pm, in summer from 8am to 9pm (on Sundays from 2pm), offers a great view of the city

National Library in Pristina / Prishtina
National Library

National Library: The beehive like structure is one of the landmarks of Pristina

The Kosova Art Gallery: Sokol Beqiri Retrospective
The Kosova Art Gallery: Sokol Beqiri Retrospective

The Kosova Art Gallery: Exhibitions by local and international artists

Hotel Gracanica, Pristina / Prishtina: orthodox church in Prishtina
Orthodox church in Pristina

Orthodox church: Unfinished huge church built under Milošević to underscore the Serb claim to Kosovo

Mother Theresa Avenue in Pristina / Prishtina

Mother Theresa Avenue: The promenade of Pristina lined by cafes

Statue of Skenderbeg: Copy of the statue on the main square in Tirana, brought in triumph to Pristina in 2001

Luxury hotel in Pristina / Prishtina
At the Hotel Swiss Diamond

Swiss Diamond Hotel: The most expensive hotel in Kosovo, owned by the richest man in Kosovo, Behgjet Pacolli, who made his fortune with construction contracts for the Kremlin

Kosovo Museum: Artefacts showing Kosovo's long and rich history

Carsija and Fatih mosques dating from the 15th centuries

Ethnographic museum in Pristina / Prishtina

Ethnographic museum: Beautiful mansion previously belonging to a noble family exhibiting traditional tools, costumes etc.

Green Market in Pristina / Prishtina

Green Market: Where you can buy everything from local products to Chinese watches

Independence Museum: The small house, once the seat of the Kosovo Writers Association, now shows photos and objects relating to the events that lead to Kosovo's independence.

Dit' e Nat', best coffeeshop in Pristina / Prishtina
Dit' e Nat'

Dit' e Nat': Book and coffee shop, regular live music and other events

New Born Monument in Pristina / Prishtina
New Born monument (photo: Markus Nussbaumer)

New Born monument: Symbol of the new state

Batushas House: Apartment complex with 154 apartments built over 15 years without architect, engineer or building permit, subject of an award-winning feature length documentary by Tino Glimmann and Jan Gollob





Prishtina-Tour mit Ilir Hasanaj


Lassen Sie sich das «andere» Prishtina von Einheimischen zeigen und entdecken Sie das Leben abseits der üblichen Sehenswürdigkeiten. Ilir Hasanaj ist Stadtführer, Filmemacher (Me dasht', me dasht', me dasht') und Kulturaktivist. Er hat in Zürich studiert und ist nach Prishtina zurückgekehrt. Er ist ein ausgewiesener Kenner der Stadt und ihrer lebendigen Kulturszene.

Nach einer Tour mit ihm werden Sie verstehen, warum er sich in die versteckte Magie der Stadt verliebt hat. Eine massgeschneiderte, informative und unterhaltsame Individualtour zu den spannendsten Orten der Stadt in Deutsch, abgestimmt auf ihre Wünsche.

Unsere Gäste über die Tour: "Seine Begeisterung für den Wiederaufbau und die neue Kultur im ehemaligen Kriegsland wirkte ansteckend und begeisterte auch uns."

Prishtina City-Tour halber Tag: 75 Euro
Prishtina City-Tour ganzer Tag: 150 Euro

Kontakt: 049 630 926


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