Upcoming Events at Hotel Gracanica

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Assorted Meze now also on Sundays (instead of our brunch)

During the colder season, from October, we will offer our assorted meze (10 € p.p.) also on Sundays (instead of our brunch), not just like usual on Saturdays. A smaller selection of meze continues to be available every day.
Photo: Layla Baraké

Organized tours with stays at the hotel


Several travel agencies offer organized tours of Kosovo or including Kosovo with stays at our hotel,


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Recurring or Ongoing Events at Hotel Gracanica

Meze, Meze, Meze

We've received so many positive feedbacks for the meze we offer on Saturdays that we now also serve a small selection all week round: fried farmer cheese, urnebes (spicy cheese balls), mini chicken patties (w. meat from free range chicken), macanije (yoghurt with baked peppers & garlic) and barena paprika (spicy pickled peppers). For vegetarians, the chicken patties are replaced by sataraš (bell pepper stew). For two people as a starter or one person as a main dish for 5 €. On Saturdays, we of course continue to offer our big meze selection for 8.50 € p.p.

Production of Ajvar and other Preserves


Every year in September, you have the opportunity to watch our cooks prepare ajvar the traditional way, learn how to do it yourself and/or buy a jar (2.50 € / 7 €), from the morning until 6:30pm. 

Painting by Bajram Mehmeti (http://bajramandfarijamehmeti.jimdo.com/)