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Recurring or Ongoing Events at Hotel Gracanica

New music video of the Jimmy Mustafa Band

The new music video of the Jimmy Mustafa Band is now on YouTube, the title song from their second album. You can hear the band every Sunday at our hotel during our Sunday brunch. See also:  https://www.facebook.com/jimiband14/.








Production of Ajvar and other Preserves


Every year in September, you have the opportunity to watch our cooks prepare ajvar the traditional way, learn how to do it yourself and/or buy a jar (2.50 € / 7 €), from the morning until 6:30pm. 

Painting by Bajram Mehmeti (http://bajramandfarijamehmeti.jimdo.com/)


From now on during the summer, Pleurat Doli will play together with Jimmy Mustafa and Ersad Bunjaku during our Sunday brunch. 


Inauguration of Anke Gollub's art installation "Aussicht" (view)

10 August 2017, 6 p.m.

Anke Gollub's art installation "Aussicht" ("view") has been, for one year, part of the exhibition "Art in the Public Space" in Münster/Germany, at Haus Wilkinghege. Now, the artist has donated it to our hotel, where it will be installed in the coming days. You are kindly invited to the official inauguration on 10 August at 6pm. The artist will be present.
The hotel has already shown works by Anke Gollub in 2014 in the exhibition "Behind Barbed Wire" (scroll down for more info).
For more information about the artist and the installation "Aussicht" s. https://ankegollub.wordpress.com/.


Driton Selmani: They say you can't hold two watermelons in one hand

11 March 2017, 5 p.m.

Unveiling of Driton Selmani's photo, our first major acquisition of a work of art for our future permanent exhibition. The event includes two installations of the artist, "Utopia" and "Natural mystic" (s. slideshow below).


Ice Rink Winter 2016/2017

Our ice rink, 16 x 14 m, is finally quite ok, only a few bumps left. Next year, we'll do it perfect..

Exhibition of Wedding Photos

16 December 2016 - 14 February 2017

Maybe you've seen some of them? This year, we have had more than 70 photographers taking photos of over 150 wedding couples at the hotel. On Friday, 16th of December at 5pm, we'll open an exhibition of the best wedding photos, 41 photos of 29 couples by 16 photographers. Don’t miss it!


You’ll have the chance to choose the best photo. The couple on the winning photo will win a dinner and a night in our superior studio. The winners will be announced at the closing event on 14th of February 2017.


These are the photographers and couples selected for the exhibition: Astrit Hoti / Studio Lumi: Flakon & Albana; Berat Hoxha: Besim & Blerina, Valdrin & Albina; Dini Begolli: Ariana & Nesi; Donart Vitija: Sadik & Albana; Edi Recica: Kenan & Arjeta; Fatlum Hajredinaj: Agim & Lorida, Dardan & Qendresa, Ngadhenjim & Suzana; Fisnik Halili; Flamur Ilazi; Lavdim Begolli / Studio Flori: Alban & Elisa; Foto Vido Sigma: Fisnik & Floriana; Jeton Dajakaj / JD Weddings: Vedat & Emira, Labinot & Fidane, Blerim & Blerta; Norik Uka: Labinot & Filloreta, Yllza & Valdrin, Arena & Adem, Xheneta & Petrit, Fiona & Pellumb, Rahime & Shukri, Albulena & Endrit, Qendresa & Lavdim; On Media LLC: Ehad & Laura; Sefer Aliqkaj: Safet & Qendresa, Ardi & Sabina; Xhansen Pantina: Lirijeta & Egzon


Photos of the Opening on 16 December 2016, by Kiklop: 

Meze, Meze, Meze

We've received so many positive feedbacks for the meze we offer on Saturdays that we now also serve a small selection all week round: fried farmer cheese, urnebes (spicy cheese balls), mini chicken patties (w. meat from free range chicken), macanije (yoghurt with baked peppers & garlic) and barena paprika (spicy pickled peppers). For vegetarians, the chicken patties are replaced by sataraš (bell pepper stew). For two people as a starter or one person as a main dish for 5 €. On Saturdays, we of course continue to offer our big meze selection for 8.50 € p.p.

Jimmy Mustafa Band: Album Release Concert

Friday, 18 December 2015, 8pm

Jimmy Mustafa Band was formed in 2009 by Djemalj Jimmy Mustafa in Plemetina, Kosovo. It has played in various compositions and at different music festivals in Kosovo, but mostly just Jimmy Mustafa (guitar) and Ersad Bunjaku (vocals) perform together. They play regularly at Hotel Gracanica during Sunday brunch.

Jimmy Mustafa (*1989) comes from a family of musicians and has learned his art from his father who used to play guitar at Roma weddings. He has composed the music for several documentary films about Roma. Ersad Bunjaku (*1994) also comes from a family of musicians, with his father and brother singing at Roma weddings and parties.

The production of the album was made possible by the Embassy of Switzerland in Kosovo.


Previous recording of one of the songs of the albumhttps://www.facebook.com/avni.mustafa.161/videos/1535480350019275/


Interview with Jimmy Mustafa in the Romani program of RTK: https://www.facebook.com/yekhipe.tvemisija/videos/942767585804501/


Article on Thomas Reuters Foundation News about the band: http://news.trust.org/item/20160308000347-pn4kn


Website of the band: https://jimmymustafaband.wordpress.com/


Photos: Denis Gidzic


Report by Kron Sadiku on Klan Kosova about the album and the launch concert