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Reportage auf Arte: Projekt Versöhnung - Das Roma-Hotel im Kosovo

2. Mai 2017, 19:45 Uhr

Auch online abrufbar bis 1. Juni 2017

Driton Selmani: They say you can't hold two watermelons in one hand

11 March 2017, 5 p.m.

Unveiling of Driton Selmani's photo, our first major acquisition of a work of art for our future permanent exhibition. The event includes two installations of the artist, "Utopia" and "Natural mystic" (s. slideshow below).


Ice Rink Winter 2016/2017

Our ice rink, 16 x 14 m, is finally quite ok, only a few bumps left. Next year, we'll do it perfect..

Fashion, Hair and Urban Dance Show

21 January 2017, 4 p.m.

Saturday, January 21st, at 4pm, students of the tailor and hairdresser courses of the Diakonie Training Center Mitrovica will hold a fashion and hair show at the hotel. You are cordially invited!

The fashion and hair show will be accompanied by performances of the Urban Dance Crew Mitrovica. 
The Urban Dance Crew Mitrovica has already had a fascinating performance at the hotel on 29 July 2014 (s. and a successful tour through Germany in 2016. As the space in the hotel is limited, we cannot promise you scenes like the one on the photo, but you'll certainly be impressed!



New Smoking Area

With a little delay, we finally got our small smoking area for the winter - in spring, it will be removed - with space for three tables and six or more chairs. We had had the bad luck that the law about smoking changed when the hotel was already being built, so the planned smoking area inside became obsolete.

Exhibition of Wedding Photos

16 December 2016 - 14 February 2017

Maybe you've seen some of them? This year, we have had more than 70 photographers taking photos of over 150 wedding couples at the hotel. On Friday, 16th of December at 5pm, we'll open an exhibition of the best wedding photos, 41 photos of 29 couples by 16 photographers. Don’t miss it!


You’ll have the chance to choose the best photo. The couple on the winning photo will win a dinner and a night in our superior studio. The winners will be announced at the closing event on 14th of February 2017.


These are the photographers and couples selected for the exhibition: Astrit Hoti / Studio Lumi: Flakon & Albana; Berat Hoxha: Besim & Blerina, Valdrin & Albina; Dini Begolli: Ariana & Nesi; Donart Vitija: Sadik & Albana; Edi Recica: Kenan & Arjeta; Fatlum Hajredinaj: Agim & Lorida, Dardan & Qendresa, Ngadhenjim & Suzana; Fisnik Halili; Flamur Ilazi; Lavdim Begolli / Studio Flori: Alban & Elisa; Foto Vido Sigma: Fisnik & Floriana; Jeton Dajakaj / JD Weddings: Vedat & Emira, Labinot & Fidane, Blerim & Blerta; Norik Uka: Labinot & Filloreta, Yllza & Valdrin, Arena & Adem, Xheneta & Petrit, Fiona & Pellumb, Rahime & Shukri, Albulena & Endrit, Qendresa & Lavdim; On Media LLC: Ehad & Laura; Sefer Aliqkaj: Safet & Qendresa, Ardi & Sabina; Xhansen Pantina: Lirijeta & Egzon


Photos of the Opening on 16 December 2016, by Kiklop

Mitrovica Rock School Concert

Saturday, 17 December 2016, 4:30pm

After the wonderful concert of Sublime 6 and Akasha on October 2nd, now two other bands of the Mitrovica Rock School will perform at the hotel, Proximity Mine and High Frequency.

Samples of their music:

Proximity Mine:

High Frequency:


Photos: Kiklop


Meze, Meze, Meze

We've received so many positive feedbacks for the meze we offer on Saturdays that we now also serve a small selection all week round: fried farmer cheese, urnebes (spicy cheese balls), mini chicken patties (w. meat from free range chicken), macanije (yoghurt with baked peppers & garlic) and barena paprika (spicy pickled peppers). For vegetarians, the chicken patties are replaced by sataraš (bell pepper stew). For two people as a starter or one person as a main dish for 5 €. On Saturdays, we of course continue to offer our big meze selection for 8.50 € p.p.

Mitrovica Rock School Concert

2 October 2016, 5pm

Making Ajvar

27 September 2016

As in the previous years, you will again have the opportunity to watch our cooks prepare ajvar the traditional way, learn how to do it yourself and/or buy a jar (2.50 € / 7 €), from the morning until 6:30pm.


Painting by Bajram Mehmeti (

Exhibition Milica Kostić: Parallel Worlds. Paintings and Engravings

28 May to 27 July 2016

Photos of the opening by Layla Baraké


Article in "Prishtina Insight" about the exhibition:

Jimmy Mustafa Band: Album Release Concert

Friday, 18 December 2015, 8pm

Jimmy Mustafa Band was formed in 2009 by Djemalj Jimmy Mustafa in Plemetina, Kosovo. It has played in various compositions and at different music festivals in Kosovo, but mostly just Jimmy Mustafa (guitar) and Ersad Bunjaku (vocals) perform together. They play regularly at Hotel Gracanica during Sunday brunch.

Jimmy Mustafa (*1989) comes from a family of musicians and has learned his art from his father who used to play guitar at Roma weddings. He has composed the music for several documentary films about Roma. Ersad Bunjaku (*1994) also comes from a family of musicians, with his father and brother singing at Roma weddings and parties.

The production of the album was made possible by the Embassy of Switzerland in Kosovo.


Previous recording of one of the songs of the album


Interview with Jimmy Mustafa in the Romani program of RTK:


Article on Thomas Reuters Foundation News about the band:


Website of the band:


Photos: Denis Gidzic


Report by Kron Sadiku on Klan Kosova about the album and the launch concert


Rolf Bauerdick: Wir sind gleich, wir sind anders. Begegnungen mit einem ungeliebten Volk. Dia-Vortrag

Samstag, 10. Oktober 2015, 17 Uhr

Rolf Bauerdick, Autor des Buches "Zigeuner. Begegnungen mit einem ungeliebten Volk", wird in seinem von Fotos begleiteten Vortrag über diese Begegnungen, verteilt auf über zwanzig Jahre und mehr als hundert Reisen in zwölf Länder, und die Ursachen und Herausforderungen einer wachsenden Zuwanderung der Roma nach Westeuropa berichten. 

Rolf Bauerdick, geboren 1957, lebt im Münsterland. Nach dem Studium der Literaturwissenschaft und Theologie wurde er Journalist. Er hat Reportagereisen in rund sechzig Länder unternommen; seine Text- und Bildreportagen erscheinen in europäischen Tageszeitungen und Magazinen und sind vielfach ausgezeichnet. Sein Roman "Wie die Madonna auf den Mond kam" erschien 2009, wurde bislang in zwölf Sprachen übersetzt und erhielt den Europäischen Buchpreis 2012. Sein neuer Roman, die deutsche Ost-West-Geschichte „Pakete an Frau Blech“, erschien Anfang März 2015.

Mehr Infos auf

Reading by Elizabeth Gowing from her new book "The Rubbish-Picker's Wife. An Unlikely Friendship in Kosovo"

Saturday 3 October 2015, 5pm

Making Ajvar

14 - 22 September 2015

From 14 to 22 and on 30 September, you again have the opportunity to watch our cooks and their helpers prepare ajvar the traditional way, learn how to do it yourself and/or buy a jar (7 €). The word "ajvar" is related to "caviar" - and it indeed is just as delicious! s.

Photo Studio by Layla Baraké

During August, Layla Baraké will again put up her photo studio at the hotel every Sunday from 11am to 3pm during our Sunday brunch. Come and get your portrait!
For the brunch, please reserve: 038 729 888 or 049 764 000.

Photo studio every Sunday at Hotel Gracanica, Pristina

Concert of the Creole Blues Band "Tritonik" from Mauritius (cancelled)

7 August 2015 at 8pm

Unfortunately, the band members were not allowed to pass through Serbia on their way to Kosovo, and the Serbian Embassy in Budapest was not able to give them a transit visa at short notice.

Concert of "Tritonik" at Hotel Gracanica, Pristina

Prishtina Architecture Week: Open House at Hotel Gracanica

1 July 2015 from 13:00

Romani Language Course (cancelled)

27 July until 8 / 15 August 2015

Learn the basics of Romanes (Bugurdži dialect) as spoken in Kosovo and neighbouring countries at Hotel Gracanica!


IPKO Points

Hotel Gracanica is now part of "IPKO Points", the loyalty program of IPKO. For 450 points, you will get a night in a superior double room and Sunday brunch for 2 people for 69 € instead of 102 €. Start collecting points to profit from this offer!

Seminar Kreatives Schreiben, Gestalten & Yoga (cancelled)

5.-9. Oktober 2015

Flyer Seminar Kreatives Schreiben, Gestalten & Yoga
Seminar Kreatives Schreiben, Gestalten &
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Easter Monday Brunch

On Monday, 6 April 2015, we will have a special Easter brunch with many Easter specialties incl.
roast lamb, roast pork, Easter bread, corn bread, colored eggs, slavsko žito (wheat pudding w. walnuts),
 paskha (Russian Easter dessert) etc.


11am to 3pm


Adults:           15 €

Children:       1 € per year of age

Incl. fresh orange juice, coffee/tea, mineral water


Reservations: 038 729 888 or 049 764 000


Photo Exhibition Layla Baraké: Change, Don't Hide. Dokustudio

14 November 2014 - 31 January 2015

Photo studio every Sunday from 11am to 3pm

A great opportunity to have your portrait taken - or a portrait of your spouse, kids or your team!

Prices (without frames): 20x20 cm 25 €, 40x40cm 50 €, 100x100cm 110 €, digital 50 €.

For reservations call 038 729 888 or 049 764 000! 

Report on KTV Express about the Exhibition:

Report on KTV Express about the photo exhibition of Layla Barakè at Hotel Gracanica
Screenshot (click to open video link)

Photos of the opening by Jetmir Idrizi

Portraits taken at the documentary and short film festival Dokufest in Prizren this summer (s.

For earlier great photos of Layla Baraké s. 

and about the exhibition: Barake sjell fytyrat e DokuFestit ne eksposite

Exhibition Anke Gollub: Behind Barbed Wire. Video-projection, prints and light-objects

29 July until 28 September 2014

Photos of the Opening (Layla Baraké):

once upon a time

The video "Once Upon a Time" is the result of a German-Israeli artists' exchange in 2011 under the title "Heimat - Homeland". It reflects experiences of the artist of her early life in the German Democratic Republic where she participated in the Monday demonstrations that led to the fall of the Wall.


At Hotel Gracanica, it will be shown behind the grilled windows of a kiosk that, until the Nineties, used to stand in front of the headquarters of the security forces in Pristina. In the video, the artists cuts, one by one, the barbed wire around her. An allegory for individual and collective prisons and the liberation from them. Kosovo counted and counts many of them.


Gollub's other works shown at Hotel Gracanica take up the thread of the video in prints - that show woolen threads that look like barbed wire - and light objects.


At the opening, you will also have the chance to see performances of the multiethnic Urban Dance Group of the Diakonie Youth Center in Mitrovica.

Article in the "Westfälische Nachrichten" about the exhibition: 

"Anke Gollub stellt in Pristina aus. Kunst aus Muenster im Kosovo"

Article in the Münstersche Zeitung about the exhibition of Anke Gollub at Hotel Gracanica, Pristina: Behind Barbed Wire

Article in the Münstersche Zeitung about the exhibition

Hotel Gracanica featured at the Biennale di Venezia

Hotel Gracanica (Pristina / Prishtina, Kosovo) featured at Biennale di Venezia
Website of the Republic of Kosovo Pavillon 2014

Exhibition extended until 28 July!

Handicraft? Art! Exhibition of Glass Bead Broideries at Hotel Gracanica, Pristina / Prishtina

 Photos from the opening of the exhibition by Layla Baraké


Virtual Tour of the Exhibition

Click on the photo to start the tour. Click further to switch to other parts of the exhibition or to take a closer look at the art works

Hotel Gracanica, Pristina / Prishtina: virtual tour of the exhibition of glassbead embroideries

Hosting the President's lunch for the Diplomatic Corps

26 March 2014

Yoga Weekend

21 - 23 February 2014

Booked out! If you couldn't register, there will soon be a new opportunity!

Hotel Gracanica, Pristina / Pristina: Yoga Weekend announcement

As we move into 2014, give yourself a moment to pause, refocus, nourish & renew at the blissfully luxurious Hotel Gracanica. A mix of hatha and meditation practices to release the winter blues, contemplate positive intentions for 2014 and, most of all, to enjoy the present. Time to explore a new side of Gracanica, enjoy the glow of the fireside, views of the countryside and replenish yourself with delicious food. We (Narayani & Laura) are excited to share this special weekend with you - let us know if you'd like a personalised yoga therapy or health coaching consultation - it's in the price too :) Looking forward to hear from you :) Yoga Narayani - Yoga & Yoga Therapy Yoga and Wellness Coaching with Laura



Closing Event Exhibition

15 January 2014, 18:00

Strange Things Happeningin the Neighbourhood - exhibition of drawings of Driton Selmani at Hotel Gracanica, Pristina

Photos: Gazmend Bajri


Buchpräsentation: Elisabeth Kaestli. 7 Brüder, 7 Schwestern. Eine kosovarische Familie in der Welt

15. Dezember 2013

Buchpräsentation Elisabeth Kaestli im Hotel Gracanica, Pristina / Prishtina
Photo of 3 brothers from the book of Elisabeth Kaestli: 7 Brüder, 7 Schwestern. Eine kosovarische Familie in der Welt

Diesen Sonntag, 15. Dezember, um 16 Uhr wird Elisabeth Kaestli ihr soeben erschienenes neuestes Buch "7 Brüder, 7 Schwestern. Eine kosovarische Familie in der Welt" bei uns am Kaminfeuer vorstellen und Passagen daraus lesen. Daran anschliessend offeriert die Schweizer Botschaft einen Aperitif, Vesko Buzolli, Akkordeon, sorgt für die musikalische Umrahmung.


Die vierzehn Geschwister Reka wurden in einem Bergdorf in Kosovo geboren. Armut und politische Unterdrückung zerstreuten sie nach und nach in alle Winde, über die Schweiz und Deutschland bis nach Kanada. Heute treffen sie sich wieder Sommer für Sommer am grossen Gartentisch in Kaçanik, dem Städtchen, in dem die Familie ab 1979 wohnte und wo noch zwei Brüder leben. Es ist der Ort der Träume der Emigrierten, der Mittelpunkt der weitgespannten Weltfamilie. Die Geschwister Reka erzählen vom kargen ländlichen Leben in den 1960er-Jahren und ihren ganz unterschiedlichen, teils abenteuerlichen Wegen hinaus in die Welt. Ihre Erzählungen ergeben im Kleinen ein detailgenaues Bild der Migration, wie sie gegenwärtig in Europa tausendfach überall präsent ist.


Elisabeth Kaestli, geboren 1945, aufgewachsen in Biel / Bienne. Dolmetscherstudium in Genf und Triest. Ab 1973 Journalistin für Zeitungen und Radio. 2006-2010 wohnhaft in Tansania, seither in Pristina (Kosovo). Im Limmat Verlag sind erschienen: «Frauen in Kosova. Lebensgeschichten aus Krieg und Wiederaufbau», «Gräben und Brücken. Freundschaften vor und nach den Kriegen im Balkan», «Vom Mont Soleil zur Blüemlisalp. Bernerinnen erzählen » und «Aisha, Mussa, Zawadi ... Lebensgeschichten aus Tansania».


Concert "Catch-Pop String-Strong"

12 December 2013

Photos by Layla Baraké


Exhibition: Driton Selmani. Strange Things Happening in the Neighbourhood

Until 15 January 2014

Photos of the opening event on 1 November 2013: Layla Baraké


Grand Opening

28 September 2013

Photos: Layla Baraké